About Us

About Us

Croatian Museum Association (CMA) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization. CMA is the association of citizens concerned with the promotion of the growth and advancement of museum profession and the protection of the common interests of museum workers. CMA has the status of legal entity and is active in the Republic of Croatia.

The objective and mission of CMA
  • to bring together qualified experts of Croatian museums,
  • to propose the advancements in the organization of work in Croatian museums and galleries by studying and supporting all activities which might lead to a better museum work and communication of museum collections,
  • to participate in professional advancement of museum professionals of Croatia and the organization of all forms of activities which might widen the scope of professional and scientific development of its members,
  • to honor prominent museum workers with awards and recognitions
  • to build links in the museum domain and collaborate with the related associations and museums,
  • to organize public professional and scientific meetings such as congresses, conferences, symposia and seminars in order to advance professional work in museums and inform the public about the achievements in museum profession
  • to publish the journal "The News of the Museum Workers and Conservators of Croatia", as well as special publications, catalogues and other trade publications of regional, national and international concern,
  • to popularize the Association and museums, to promote cooperation of museums with students, schools and general audience in order to inform general public about the cultural, natural and technical heritage in museums, the creative achievements of the past and present, and contribute that the Association and museums keep up with contemporary changes in society,
  • to protect the copyrights of the members and establish the fees for the authorial work in particular categories of museum profession.

CMA and the public
The work of CMA is public. The public is being informed about its work through the journal of CMA, public media, open sessions, etc.

The Seat
The seat of the Association mostly moves from museum to museum, usually the museum of the current president, and that museum also provides logistic support to the Association. The current seat of the CMA is at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb

The funds of the Association come from the following sources: membership fees, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the Office of Culture of the Local Administration, the income from publishing, exhibitions, events, meetings, services provided by CMA, donations, etc.